• Trash overflows from waste bin (potential penalty)
  • Unnecessary truck assignment
  • Inefficient truck route

System Overview

  • Wireless IoT communication – LoRaWAN (Average 1 km radius coverage ) or NB-IoT (Wireless signal covered in the whole city)
  • Detection of overflowing waste bins
  • Location of waste bins
  • No cable and power installation required

Smart Routing

  • Quickest route for trash pickup
  • Maximize truck workloads

Network Overview


  • Wide Signal Covering – using LoRaWAN & NB-IoT
  • Smart Routing:

– Quickest route for trash pickup

– Efficient truck management

  • Sustainable management: cloud management, data application, usage analysis

– Same technology from Vehicle Pre-Collision & Blind Spot Monitor system

– Not affected by dirt and direct sunlight

– Solid state device, robust against physical impact

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