LP-C01 Industrial IoT Receiver

Product Overview

The LP-C01 Module is an encrypted wireless “LoRa” communication receiver unit that can communicate with up to 128 LP-M01 remote Input Modules. The LP-C01 converts encrypted LoRa status information from LP-M01 modules to Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU via its RJ45 Ethernet and serial EIA-485 ports for any SCADA or Control System client.

LP-C01 LoRa wireless technology implements secure 128-bit encryption with embedded alarm signals that can be monitored and alarmed via the Modbus client. With a very low power consumption and a wireless communication range between an LP-C01 and an LP-M01 of up to 1 mile, it would significantly reduce material, design, and labor costs when compared to a traditional hard-wired solution.