Simply Flexible

LoRa encrypted wireless Industrial Input Module

LP-M01 supports the use of a battery as a power source to facilitate remote installation locations. It expands the availability of any remote hardwired input contact status via the encrypted LoRa wireless connections up to 2.5 miles. 

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Simply Flexible

Wireless LoRa Encrypted Modbus Receiver

The LP-C01 converts encrypted LoRa status information from LP-M01 modules to Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RTU via its RJ45 Ethernet and serial EIA-485 ports for any SCADA or Control System client.

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Simply Powerful

Temperature and Humidity Monitor Digital Data Logger

Monitor temperature and humidity anywhere and anytime. NB-IoT/LTE capability with powerful functions for cold chain.

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Solve Customer Real-life Problem

As an OEM sensor manufacture with more than 27 years of experience. With the empowerment of IoT technology, we are able to provide the most customized  high quality sensor solution to the customers by closely working with customers, widely sharing the technology ownership and continuously applying the innovation.

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